RIP Steve Jobs

October 5th, 2011

As a budding author, I’ve found that the best thing for me to write on is my trusty iPad. It kept me company when I studied abroad in the UK last year and I’ve even used it in a courtroom to take notes for an attorney I worked for last summer. I admit that I’ve been a Windows user for years, but over the course of the last year I’ve slowly been converted to being a complete and total apple user. The user interface is friendly and even for someone who is a computer geek, it does exactly what I want it to and more. I’ve yet to have to fight with my mac. What Steve did for the computer and technology will never be surpassed. He was a true visionary and genius, and one who has been taken from us far too soon. Thanks to apple, whenever I’ve had a problem with something, I know I can go into an apple store and I don’t have to gird my loins for a fight. I walked into an apple store and felt valued. It’s what made me a repeat customer.

Thank you, Steve, for all this and more. You’ve revolutionized the technology sphere, as well as changed the way your customers are treated.

Thank you for everything. See you in the iCloud.

The above is what I sent to They invite everyone to send in thoughts, memories, and condolences. If you haven’t yet, head on over to see the fabulous tribute Apple has done to Steve.

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