Borders Closing

July 23rd, 2011

Sad to hear one of the major bookstore moguls is going out of business. While Borders wasn’t one of my favourite places to go (I’ve always been a Barnes & Noble girl myself), but it was still a bookstore. Over the past couple of years I’ve found that ebooks do have their time and place and they’re nice for when I don’t want to carry a book with me wherever I go. Namely, heading into NYC, it’s easier to toss my iPad in my bag than a book.

Especially when you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to get a crease in a book cover or break a binding. Tossing a book in my bag invariably ended in a partially destroyed cover and a very sad Anya.

It worries me… are books beginning to go out of fashion? Is the ebook becoming so prevalent that, soon, all of our book stores are going the way of the dodo? Ebooks have a place, but there’s something to having a library of books. There’s something to walking into a room and seeing all your old friends (and new friends waiting to be made) on a shelf.

I *like* books. Obviously. i wouldn’t be working toward getting published if I didn’t.

Well, one good thing about borders closing is I managed to completely clean up book-wise there. A few writing books (one that looks VERY interesting on character traits), and a bunch of YA books I’ve been meaning to read. They will, of course, have to wait until I finish my first draft, mind, but they are on the shelf and waiting to be read.

I just don’t want to see books beginning to fall by the wayside in favour of the digital domain. They both have their place.
So RIP Borders. You will be missed. Terribly.

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