Okay — so as some/many/none of you know, I spent the last three years in law school. I have since graduated (yay!) but am not sitting for the bar at this time because I have my full-time job in publishing while I wait for some amazing agent to snatch me up out of the slush pile. ;^)


However, in my hanging out at various writer boards, I’ve seen a lot of questions about copyright come up. I am planning on posting my paper on copyright law for everyone to take a look at, but I thought I’d also open it up to questions from you guys as well. If you have a question about copyright law, post it here, and I’ll do my best to answer it in the upcoming posts on the subject.


And now the disclaimer: I am a non-practising attorney. Thus, anything I say on this blog in terms of copyright law is not supposed to constitute legal advice. It is merely my interpretation to help budding authors. If you’re really concerned about your rights as a creator, I suggest you get in contact with a lawyer.


Also, for your protection and my own, I will not answer questions that relate to a particular event that is going on right now. IE, if you think someone is infringing your work, I won’t look into it. That’s not my place. BUT if you’d like to ask me hypothetical situations? I’d be more than happy to answer to the best of my ability. I’d just like to be able to help other writers out and try and explain something that is very, very complicated to the untrained eye.

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