The Young Adult Genre

September 20th, 2011

Came across a fab blog post today by a friend of mine and I felt like giving a link to it. Check it out!

And I have to say, as one who is looking into writing in the YA market, it’s an interesting take. I’m not THAT far removed from the YA target audience and looking at the books that were available in the genre when I was growing up… there was nothing, really. There was RL Stine’s Fear Street and there was Christopher Pike — both of which I read by the buckets. I still own all of the books too (for s/he who dies with the most books wins!). But other than that, there wasn’t much choice when you left the realm of Baby-Sitter’s Club and were looking for the next big thing. So, consequently, my reading habits left the BSC and I found myself reading Tom Clancy and Steven King. Yes, I know that’s quite the leap, but it was in part to High School reading lists.

Now, though, you walk into B&N (or insert your favourite book store here) and the YA is filled with books and things that aren’t a couple hundred pages long either. Not to mention, even though they’re geared toward a YA market, I still see a lot of adults browsing the sections too. It’s fantastic.

And now I hope this migraine goes away (this is day two ugh) so I can get back to work!

take two

September 15th, 2011

Sorry for the second post here. I’ve been trying (read: fighting) with facebook, twitter, and wordpress all night. So I apologise for the second post tonight with absolutely no content, but hopefully this will be the last one if I’ve checked all the boxes I should have!