Bleeding Cool Columnist!

August 5th, 2011

Well, a bit of good news on the horizons! I’m officially a columnist now at!

Since I’m attending both Canada FanExpo and NYCC in the upcoming months, I figured I’d offer to put my ear to the ground and pass along any news for the site if I found it. Rich offered me one better and said that I shouldn’t be paying to go to these cons. In other words, press pass! I’m still flying high from this news and haven’t stopped grinning yet. It’s utterly fantastic to be able to register for a con and put ‘columnist for Bleeding Cool’ for my credentials.

And when the time comes that I start looking for an agent, hopefully having published articles will be a boon in my favour. Even if they are published under my real name and not my pen name. It’s a start, and that’s what counts the most.

Now, this weekend, to try and bang out another 2k on the novel. And work on another costuming article for Bleeding Cool. In spite of all the bad that’s been going on in my life personally, it’s nice to see at least one small ray of sunshine peeking out behind the clouds; even if the rest of the sky is still pitch-black.

A second article?

July 7th, 2011

Well, from one of the comments that just appeared on the Bleeding Cool website, it looks like I just got asked to write another article for them!

Cannot express how amazing this is. It’s another sign that I’m doing the right thing as I set out on this journey of mine. Not to mention that in a little over 24 hours I have 5 comments and 25 tweets (as counted by the website). Not too bad for a first time contributor on the site!

And in the meantime, each blog article I get to write is another plus in my column and goes on my resume when it’s time to start searching for an agent!


July 6th, 2011

Well… the start begins today. I am, happily, a published author!

…at least on a blog. But it’s a start, isn’t it?

About a month ago, Bleeding Cool ran an article entitled “Why should we give a crap about Jack Harkness’s Coat?” Well, later that day, Rich Johnston (one of the main editors of the site) asked me to write an article giving the other side of the coin given that I’m a Jack cosplayer. He said if I wrote it, he’d run it.

Well. Today bleeding cool ran an article written by moi!

And so it begins.